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But this guy is big and strong and rugged…not submissive in any way. This has been going on for about a year and a half. There’s really just one problem, but it’s a big, fat, stinky one. Yes, he has fooled around on me in the past, but that was years ago and we got through it.Read More Dear Second Acts; I work in advertising, mostly producing television commercials. Read More Dear Second Acts; I have been seeing a gorgeous guy for a while. He swears he’d never do it again and I do believe him. Dear Second Acts; I recently met a guy I really like. But one thing that drives me completely insane is the fact that he almost always has his smartphone in his hand.

Read More Dear Second Acts; Okay, this might sound a bit superficial, and I hesitate to even ask, but here goes.

I met this guy recently who really is kind of wonderful on paper.

I live in San Francisco, but the home office is in New York. Maybe you’ve already guessed it, but yes, I do in fact have two boyfriends . I can get him to put it on the nightstand during…Read More!

About Cynthia: (Cynthia Amas is the heroine of Julia Dumont’s Second Acts series.

He is a really good, funny writer and instant messaging with him was incredibly fun. I find him intellectually stimulating and sexually attractive.

We both like to travel, to read, and we’re both musicians…we love playing together.

She has since passed away, but I…Read More Dear Second Acts; This is a hard thing to write about, but here goes.

I met this guy who, how should I put this, likes to be dominated. Dear Second Acts; I have an active happy sex and dating life. I’m not ready to settle down, so I am content to concentrate on my career and play the field for the next few years.

He hates their politics, the movies they like, and the books they read.

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