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To support the cavalry, the kings gave their soldiers estates of land farmed by dependent laborers.

It was a huge pyramid with the majority of the population at the bottom, working as serfs or virtual slaves for somebody else.

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And that King Richard the Lionhearted, a Crusade leader, (who was incidentally one of the worst kings England ever had) was definitely a macho warrior. The Crusades turned into campaigns of slaughter, rape, and pillage, and woe to the poor Jews in the way.

Indeed, the Crusades mark the first large-scale European mob violence directed against Jews which is going to become, unfortunately, the pattern for the next hundreds of years.

But it continued to expand it holdings, until it became by far the biggest landowner in Europe, collecting huge amounts of taxes from the hapless peasants.

Oxford scholar Henry Phelps-Brown in Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality (p.

Early in its history, the Church started to acquire land.

At first, the Church took over the properties of pagan temples and temple priests.

(Why do Arabs paint the doors of their houses blue to this day? Now we can look in greater detail at the aspects of the Crusades which most impacted on the Jews.

(For anyone interested in knowing more about specific Crusades, the authoritative source is a book by H. Mayer, called The Crusades, published Oxford University Press.) Infidel Cleansing Pope Urban II mounted the first campaign, in part in response to a plea for help from Christians in Constantinople who were besieged by the Muslims.

This church had been originally built on the site identified in the 4th century by Empress Helena, the mother of Constantine, as the site where Jesus was buried following his crucifixion.

(This church still stands today, after being rebuilt by the Crusaders; it is a focal point of Christian pilgrimages to Jerusalem although Protestant Christian denominations contend that it is not the site of Jesus' burial.) The "Noble" Quest To our Western minds, reared on the Hollywood version of so much history, the Crusades mean noble knights rescuing damsels in distress. Now, it's true that there were knights, and there were kings(2), and there was a chivalric ideal.

Let those who in the past have been accustom to spread private war so vilely among the faithful advance against the infidels...

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