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Amber was riding her bike close to her grandparent’s home in Arlington, Texas on January 13, 1996, when she was snatched.

Amber and her brother Ricky were riding around the block when they went a little further to an abandoned grocery store parking lot to ride on a ramp there that children often enjoyed riding on.

Suspicion of the deaths fell on to Lizzie, the couple’s daughter after it was found that on August 3 she had tried to purchase poison.

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Unlike many other serial killers, the axeman appeared to attack completely at random and with complete disregard for his victims and not all of those victims died as a result of their wounds.

So random were his attacks that victims of the axeman included a pregnant woman and a young infant killed in its mother’s arms.

Sadly, just four days after her abduction, Amber’s body was found naked in a creek bed near an apartment complex. After finding Amber’s body, the police released a profile of who they believed the killer to be; however, this did not aid in capturing him.

While Amber’s killer has yet to be caught her legacy remains.

When Ricky got home the family asked about Amber and when he said that she had stayed a little longer the family sent him back to bring her home.

Ricky returned, however, he could not find his sister.Jazz music abounded that night and there were no killings.There are twelve identified victims of the axeman of New Orleans.Despite being acquitted of the murder charges, Lizzie would continue to be treated as an outcast for the rest of her life in Fall River, Massachusetts where she lived until her death in 1927.The axeman of New Orleans is a serial killer who was known for being active throughout New Orleans, Louisiana from May 1918 to October 1919.Jimmie Whitson, grandfather to Amber and Ricky jumped into his truck and went to find her himself.

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