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(Being a decent human being accounts for the other 110 percent*.) Because if you aren't showing up in kink spaces—online or IRL—your fellow kinksters won't be able to find or bind you. "The leather scene is a diverse place with tons of outlets and avenues, depending on how you navigate your life and learn," said Amp from Watts the Safeword (, a kink and sex-ed website and You Tube channel.

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"It's a site where you can create a profile, window-shop for a play buddy, and 'check his references.' Even better, if you can, go to a public event like IML, MAL, or CLAW, or to a play party like the New York Bondage Club, where you can participate in a monitored space with other people around, or just watch the action.

Don't forget the motto 'safe, sane, and consensual,' and be sure to have a safe word!

So fuck this guy, HOPEFUL, on your own terms—but don't be too quick to dismiss the possibility of an LTR.

Great sex and a good friendship make up a solid foundation.

And You Tube has a channel for everyone in the kink spectrum from gay to straight to trans to nonbinary and beyond!

" "is a great option for gay men," said Metal from the gay male bondage website Metalbond We should also remember that no one is clairvoyant and that someone can hurt us without intending to.But there's no intimate human connection, sexual or otherwise, that doesn't leave us open to hurting or being hurt.92-9 The Game (WZGC-FM) features locally produced programs hosted by […]Alleged fight between "Housewives of Atlanta" Porsha and Cynthia.(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images) WAOK 1380 is one of America’s most listened to radio stations providing news and information on the AM dial in Atlanta.You're aware that nonmonogamous relationships are an option—and couples can explore nonmonogamy together.

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