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Art of Conversation Of all the erotic lures in the great seducer’s armour, nothing beats conversation.“He is no man,” wrote Shakespeare, “if with his tongue he cannot win women.”Women treasure men who can offer good dialogue – creatively listen, orchestrate conversation and discourse with flair on any topic.

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Lucian Freud: Great modern British artist and supernova lover, linked to “umpteen” women.

Being with him, said one, was “like being wired up to the national grid”.

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Romantic poet Lord Byron was an electrifying presence.

Nineteenth-century Britain was consumed with “Byron-mania” and ladies fainted when he entered a room.

Yet when he arrived at Oxford, he was a love-magnet to the most gifted women.

He married one of these – a cultivated Belgian beauty – in 1919 and during their 35 years together he produced a staggering body of work: major novels such as Brave New World, poetry, short stories, screenplays, and 23 volumes of essays. By mutual consent, the marriage was open and Huxley’s lovers were legion, both in England and Hollywood where he spent his last years.“He was ribald and cynical and brilliant,” gushed one of his conquests.

Instead of the familiar routine approach, they handle love as an art.

It’s somewhat like the difference between a box step and a tango.

Lord Byron: British 19th-century poet and romantic idol.

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