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Dawn and Cassidy ask Al if he has any "connections" on how to get tickets for an upcoming Jim Carrey movie.

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He then proceeds to continue doing the things that led him to the hall in the first place.

Meanwhile Chris is trying to finish the school project that he and Jamal were assigned to in the first episode.

He asks her to the dance without Jamal knowing about it.

L-Train wants to go to the dance with Cassidy and gets the nerve to ask her.

Al wants to DJ at the party, but Dawn refuses until Al gets rid of the competition.

Jamal doesn't like his sister going to the dance with Chris.

Shakespeare in the Park is playing the same time as Chris's Knicks and Lakers game.

Chris and Jamal are expected to tape the play, but they get Dawn to tape the play.

L-Train warns Jamal that he's dead meat if he even thinks about painting over his graffiti.

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