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It can help you fine-tune your listening skills to adapt to the various speeds and accents you may encounter.However, while it can be an enjoyable and productive way to cram a lesson into your day, the truth is that you don’t always have time to sit down to watch a two-hour tear-jerker about a bourgeois quadriplegic and his carer from the suburbs.For this reason I have compiled a list of the best French language television series out there, past and present. Number of episodes: 39 Plot: Follow the adventures of a young Belgian detective and his loyal travel companion Snowy the dog as they travel the world, going from one adventure to the next. Seen through the eyes of the populace, the prolonged state of fear brings out the best and worst in people, as the town rallies together to make it through this most trying of times. While their differences are evident, both families slowly become more and more drawn to one another along the way. In this classic sitcom format, the viewers are presented with an honest depiction of French humor, and its important role in what it means to be French.

A lot of them will have foreign sections and you might get lucky and strike gold.

If you are located in a big city, you have a strong chance to find a French Cultural Center.

As such, it may not be suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. Number of episodes: 2613 Plot: Soap opera based in the fictional “le Mistral” neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port-city of Marseille.

With more plot twists than a Hollywood movie, and plenty of melodrama, it’s more escapist than realistic in its portrayal of contemporary France. While perhaps not considered to be the apex of highbrow intellectual viewing, the show is extremely entertaining. Number of episodes: 39 Plot: Sixteenth century historical/fantastical adventure anime. Number of episodes: 71 Plot: Back to a more conventional format..

If you’re willing to pay retail price for the series, then this will be your best option.

If the Internet cannot provide you with the goods that you are looking for, then you can always check your local DVD outlet.

Loving, laughing, crying, shouting and back to loving. Fans of crime shows in particular should make a note of it, as should anyone trying to take their study to the next level, as the language does become quite intricate at times. Number of episodes: 24 Plot: Following false accusations and the resulting suicide of their former colleague, four police officers band together to clear his name and, in doing so, put themselves in the firing line. A truly action-packed thriller for the adrenaline seekers amongst you.

No stone is left unturned in this study of their everyday existence, and their consequences that can make or break even the most solid of connections. One of France’s most popular television series, it is a firm fixture of the country’s pop culture. With only twenty-four episodes, it also represents an achievable project. Number of episodes: 8 Plot: The serenity of a sleepy rural town is shattered by the inexplicable supernatural phenomena that start occurring.

Watching foreign films or television series are both excellent ways to help you learn French.

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