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How much more in depth do you imagine this is going to be?

There’s another element that I really like - do you remember the A-Team?

Every episode would build this war - they would build a war machine.

The relationship between Michael and Carla picked up a lot this season; they were starting to get a little bit chummier.

I understand Tricia is not going to be back for next season so could you tell us a little bit about her final appearances and what kind of closure we maybe can expect from the two characters?

So that’s 90% of the time of his job is he’s covering.

And what’s great about playing that role that way is I don’t have to show anything that I actually feel or think because I know that in the back of my mind that narration is going to let you know.Jeffrey: Well, you know, I think it’s no surprise that Carla and Michael were going to eventually be in each other’s crosshairs. Without giving too much away the eventual outcome was necessary.What’s going to happen is that she gets basically - she has powers above her that control her and she basically relies on Michael to save her butt at the end.Does that feel a bit incongruous to you that this hardnosed spy who can do these incredible things would have that - would care so much?Jeffrey: No I think the - I think that paradigm is everywhere, you know, you see straight laced governors who are having - who have a family, children, and go after corruption in their career and then you find out they have prostitutes and they’re screwing pros in hotels.He realizes what a great opportunity it is, and as you can tell from the roundtable interview below he appreciates it all.

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