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"When we discussed the TBI website, it became evident that a lot of these people did not have access to the TBI website nor access to the internet." Sheriff Blackwelder decided to contact state legislators about the dilemma, a brainstorming session that gave birth to the Tennessee Community Notification Act.Blackwelder said it guarantees awareness for parents, and is cost-effective.Importantly, this notification can take many forms, including: Interestingly, this law also permits the local legislative body to charge each offender every year as a "notification fee."If anything, this new law merely illustrates just how public an individual's life becomes following a sex crime conviction.

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And, once an individual is required to register as a sex offender in Tennessee, much of his or her personal information - such as his or her name, address and date of birth - suddenly becomes public knowledge and available for anyone to access.

However, while this information has long been made available by the state government, a new law recently passed by Tennessee lawmakers now permits local governments to proactively publish this information as well.

FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn.(WHNT)-A push for tougher sex offender notification laws in Tennessee came one step closer to reality Tuesday, part of an ongoing effort that originated in Lincoln County several months ago.

A committee in the Tennessee Legislature approved HB 1860, a bill that would allow municipal and county governments to mail written notices and post flyers in communities that convicted sex offenders move to.

An individual charged with a sex crime in Tennessee can face serious consequences.

Indeed, not only can a sex crime conviction result in possible jail time and/or fines but sex offender registration as well.

He was convicted in 1994 of molesting a 9-year-old girl.

A second man, 29-year-old Eric Bowman, was arrested after repeatedly hanging around restricted areas such as schools, day cares and parks, according to the arrest report.

A knowledgeable attorney can explain your options and help ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

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