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When it comes to knowing what you want from a man, the Olsen twins seem just fine. Everyone’s happy and healthy (ahem, couples spin class!

Of course no one thought they would leave acting and become famous fashion designers, but they definitely did that, too. It will be interesting to see if the twins design Mary-Kate Olsen's gown for her marriage to Olivier Sarkozy--and Ashley Olsen's if she decides to stick with Bennett Miller.

If all of the rumors are true, it looks like Ashley Olsen’s new boyfriend is definitely way older than she is.

Ladies and gentleman, we have to settle a decade-long debate that has plagued playgrounds for years: though her face has taken a turn for the worse, Mary-Kate Olsen rules and Ashley Olsen drools.

Or in grown-up terminology (if you're into that), Mary-Kate is the exponentially more interesting and fabulous twin, while Ashley's more tasteful (for an Olsen) lifestyle puts me to sleep. Look into your heart and you'll see that Mary-Kate is the only Olsen twin that matters and here's the definitive proof: (Photo Credit: Getty Images) The basic plot of 98% of straight-to-video Olsen twins flicks follows two identical yet ~totally different~ girls who often trade places and search for a potential parent, usually in a foreign country.

Ashley Olsen's boyfriend is director Bennett Miller.

He is nineteen years her senior at forty-seven years old. Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to French businessman Olivier Sakozy--who is the half brother of the former president of France.

She covered up in a big jacket and huge black sunglasses.

They were canoodling and cuddly when they left holding hands.

After briefly dating 59-year-old artist George Condo, former child star-turned fashion designer Ashley Olsen has reportedly set her sights on another much-older man, financier and art collector Richard Sachs.

The 30-year-old was spotted with her new admirer at a spin class in Manhattan on Friday morning, where the couple openly engaged in some public displays of affection, reports the “They sat in the front row of the spin class and rode bikes next to each other.

They were spotted on Sunday, however, leaving her apartment in Manhattan.

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