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The weekly, often daily, rendezvous were ostensibly necessary for the ‘single life’ newspaper column I wrote, yet every time I arranged a date I quietly wondered if this would this be the man to make me swoon and bloom.When I began my work-induced dating crusade back in 2005, aged 25 and unattached for the first time as an adult, I arrived at every date for the first six months in a dress, pristinely groomed and made up.

I’d been lured down to a chilly Cornwall for Easter by my friend with talk of her boyfriend’s ‘single surfing mates’ – though it transpired that all but one were coupled up.

And that one was quite clearly, quite spectacularly, gay – as I declared in my column afterwards: ‘So camp that even my notoriously useless gaydar clocked he wasn’t straight’.

• Brought up in Essex, studying at a local state school before going to Oxford University.

Began his studies on the same day in 1974 the day that the Labour government was elected - a government which faced widespread strikes by 1978, and shaped Mr Hammond’s personal political convictions.

He references the “disaster” that “engulfed” the country in the late 1970s.

• He has described his proudest political achievement as when he forced the Home Office to back down on a plan to locate a hostel for convicted paedophiles in a country mansion that it had secretly refurbished in the middle of Runnymede, yards from a primary school.

• His old classmate, and now television presenter, Richard Madeley describes the days when Mr Hammond was a Goth.

“Yes, was at school with Phil Hammond – a Goth back then,” he tweeted.

• In terms of his linguistic style, Mr Hammond is fond of apocalyptic, intense language.

In a recent discussion of the banking crisis he declared that “the day of reckoning has come,” continuing in a sinister tone, “and now we are adjusting”.

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