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Remember, I have every right to be on my driveway!!!!It’s none of your fucking business to be concerned whenever I park my car on my driveway!!!

It is, in fact, the basis of our existence, and neither body nor soul could exist without it; it can transform into pain and suffering if we do not consider it of prime importance in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

If we do not do so, we are committing an unforgivable and fundamental crime against ourselves.” I was shocked to read Jeon Tae Soo’s demise.

Tadi pukul 840 pagi 15 Januari 2018, Mulidah anak Miflah dan Tasminah si PATI buat batuk kurang ajar yang selalu dibuat oleh bapanya Miflah si PATI yang dah mampus. Dulu bila aku kata Tasminah si PATI (ibu Mulidah), PUKIMAK sebab dia suka mengganggu aku, suami Mulidah anak Miflah dan Tasminah si PATI iaitu menantu Miflah dan Tasminah si PATI, sengaja menceroboh driveway aku pada malam hari kejadian.

Tak padan dengan tempang, boleh tahan kurang ajar suami Mulidah anak Miflah dan Tasminah si PATI.

Dear Coward with a red Honda Car with a car plate that starts with a D, who trespassed my driveway during Maghrib time on 22 January 2018 You have no right to be on my driveway Your immediate neighbour’s driveway was empty, so you have no excuse whatsoever to park on my driveway (The immediate neighbour is penjilat puki pelacur) (You used to provoke me before by trespassing on my driveway in broad daylight after I parked my car on my driveway) But you were smart because by parking your car on my driveway during Maghrib time, you thought my CCTV could not record your car clearly I have every right to be on my driveway but you have no right to park on my driveway!!

I call you a coward because you like to provoke me but pretend to be a good person to the whole world!, Bila aku bina pagar complained to MPAJ suruh roboh, Bila aku roboh pagar, sengaja ceroboh driveway aku untuk provoke aku, Drama penjilat puki Pelacur panggil polis, first published on 21st January 2018, Penjilat puki pelacur panggil polis, Penjilat puki pelacur plays victim, Penjilat puki pelacur suka cari pasal Hari Jumaat, Provokasi penjilat puki pelacur, Untung jadi mantan setiausaha politik menteri | Today (29/1/18) was a good day I was able to recite Hizib Bahr 10 times and Yassin 4 times I also recited Ratib Al Attas, Ratib Al Haddad, Wirid Sakran, Wirid Al Latif and Hizib Nawawi I also recited selawat adzimiah and selawat asyghil dzolimeen I was strong today Three years ago I was beaten up by a whore worshipper who stays next door Today I am still staying at the same house Praying every day for his death as well as that of his whore! Whore Worshipper and his short slutty whore Every day, I will wake up early in the morning supplicating to Allah for your eternal damnation! 31/1/18 ————– Oh ya, on 30/1/18, you were shouting around 830am and I heard your pathetic voice I do not get intimidated listening to your voice, you whore worshipper You should die!!! Remember, your fate can be changed because of my doa, wahai penjilat puki pelacur!!! Those who were abused, inevitably hate Allah But hating Allah will not make you happy!Are you gonna be a crybaby running to the corrupt POLICE playing victim, saying that I want to kill you? Anyone who can think will understand why I want you and your whore dead It is not my style to hire hitman to kill you Why hire hitman to kill you when I saw Allah killed my enemies! The first enemy died due to cancer (October 2013), the second : asthma (July 2016) while the third: complications from major diseases (March 2017) Yahoo!!! If you want to commit suicide, that means you hate Allah That means you give up on yourself! You do not give Allah the chance to heal your broken heart!I pray your children will have a difficult life!!!!!I will have great joy seeing your family suffer in the future!!!There is this German writer who moved me so much that I wanted to learn German so that I could read his original work. His book “Advanced Bach Flower Therapy” is available at Kinokuniya KLCC, Perpustakaan Negara (PNM) and Google Play. ” “As we ask this question, we are reminded how little we pay attention to happiness and how little respect we have for it.

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