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Taylor and Andre tried dating after AYTO, but he supposedly cheated on her and Taylor also admitted to kissing another cast member (Tyler) at a New Years Eve party.

They broke up for a few months, but Taylor said she still loves Andre and they are trying again.

According to Kam, Eddie reached out to her and tried to apologize for everything the happened and said he made a mistake.

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Gianna and Hayden These two were a confirmed no-match since week one of AYTO.

They continued to stay together until Hayden found his perfect match (Carolina).

The show is adapted from Rebecca Serle's YA series — a third novel of which is reportedly in the works — and as with all book-to-TV series, there are some major changes from page to screen.

The 22 cast members lost all $800,000 they were supposed to split in the last episode.

Tyranny Tryanny is still friends with her perfect match (Jaylan) and said she really likes the girl he is dating.

She also still keeps in touch with many other cast members and is currently single.

They spent weeks together, but they seemed to just be friends.

After the show, Eddie dated another cast member (Alicia), but they broke up.

I watched the reunion (which was recorded about two weeks ago), social media stalked all of the cast members, and did my research.

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