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Description: Future spouses who are over 18 may attend, at the earliest 3 months before the date chosen for the ceremony, and at the latest 3 weeks before.

A list giving all the required documents is handed over by the administration.

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On other days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), subject to the Registrar's agreement, marriages are celebrated upon payment of €250 (including the ceremony) .

The future spouses must present two adult witnesses and know the language in which the marriage will be celebrated or the language translated by the translator.

In the event that one of our two national languages is not understood, the presence of a sworn translator will be required when making the declaration and during the marriage ceremony.

Marriages are celebrated free of charge on Wednesday and Friday.

We will do all we can to make the event as personal and special as possible, and to bring the deeper spiritual significance of marriage to the surface.

A particular feature of Holy Trinity is our international character, and we try our best to be sensitive to the different cultural backgrounds of those who come to us.

We will treat you as individuals, and do our best to respond to your particular needs.

Please feel free to contact the clergy at any time. We are concerned about your marriage not just about your wedding!

One of the parties may grant his/her proxy and consent to the marriage declaration, to his/her future spouse who will act alone at the time of the declaration (the form is available from office 0.21).

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