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You can imagine a MSI to contain a set of Properties, Tables (like database tables), Components, Files, Custom Action logic etc.In Windows Installer files could be inside the MSI or could be part of an “Administrative Install”. A patch file (.msp) contains MST (Transforms) and CAB (Cabinet) files.

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For example, for reading XMP metadata, my Exif code uses the IDOMxxx interfaces, the lower-level counterpart to the rather more heavyweight TXMLDocument. Another example: at various points the FMX platform code for Android needs to wait on another thread (the Java thread) finishing a method call. Why, TEvent, using exactly the same method calls you might have made in a VCL project ten years ago.

Anyhow, proof of the pudding, I’ve written up an Exif editing app and put it on Google Play – it’s called Exif Inspector and is available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?

I recently had to understand and debug an application that processes MSI and MSP files. MSI – This is a Windows installer package (a file) which is used for installation, repair of software on Windows OSes.

This was my first time I had to really work on debugging Windows Installer application. A MSI file can be viewed and editied by using softwares like Wise for Windows Installer (now Symantec), ORCA a tool that Microsoft ships with its Windows Installer SDK (which can also be downloaded for free here).

The tool along with the source has been provided along with good description on Heath Stewarts MSDN blog link – as a good practice exe and dlls have version information associated with them.

So a exe/dll in a patch would have a version greater than the one present in the base installation.

I proceeded with the update, and the NAS started the install.

As it neared the 100% mark, I realized that this would be the moment of truth. After some time, I heard that NAS beep, indicating that it had rebooted.

Bluntly, if support for those types really does go away in XE6, then I’ll just have to say the code will support Delphi for mobile in XE5 and XE5 only, because I’m not going to crappify it.

The whole issue is a shame, because the general language and RTL compatibility between platforms (Windows/OS X/i OS/Android) and frameworks (FMX/VCL) is excellent.

In an Administrative installation, the files are kept in a separate location and the MSI contains the location information of the files which are used during installation. The files in the patch could be patching existing files which are part of the base installation and/or could contain a set of new files not present in the original MSI. CAB in the MSP could contain only binary differences as compared to the files in the base installation.

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