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First and foremost, recognize what is happening and remember that it is the bully who has the problem, not you.

Unless they are physically threatening you, bullies are “paper tigers.” If you stand up to them calmly and confront their behavior rationally while asserting your rights, they will back down.

Some bullying is so subtle that you really believe the bully.

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And in fact, there have been many notable cases of teen bullying, on and off the Internet (i.e., cyber-taunting on Facebook) that come to mind when we think of bullies.

However, it isn’t just children and teenagers who bully.

Each time a bully moves against someone weaker, he/she feels better about themselves for an instant.

But because that feeling doesn’t last, they do it again and again.

Even when it comes from a person or institution that you love, respect, admire–your government, your church, your significant other, a family member, a professional colleague.

Sometimes there is a fine line between harmless coercion and harmful bullying. You know when you are truly ambivalent and open to being talked into something versus when you are being pressed against your better instincts, wishes, or values.

Although it may not be as obvious, or as easily identifiable, adult bullying may be more widespread.

“Independent research suggests that bullying is happening to around 1 in 4 people” (from “Life After Adult Bullying”).

They can even do it in the guise of friendship or love.

It becomes more of a mind game than an outright violation. We will not be able to rid the world of bullies, but we can learn how to stand up to them.

There are bullies at work, at home, in schools, in governments, in religious organizations, on the Internet, and in social cliques.

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