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That is the problem we face with Pope Callistus I who died about 222.

The only story of his life we have is from someone who hated him and what he stood for, an author identified as Saint Hippolytus, a rival candidate for the chair of Peter.

Hippolytus was very strict and rigid in his adherence to rules and regulations.

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She has traveled from Indonesia to Galapagos, Belize to Papua New Guinea, exploring and documenting life on our planet.

Currently she is based in Santa Barbara, California, working as a producer, photographer and motivational speaker.

And that its information was all anyone would have not only for the rest of your life but for centuries to come.

You would never be able to refute it -- and even if you couldno one would believe you because your accuser was a saint.

With this highly anticipated new novel, the author of the bestselling Life of Pi returns to the storytelling power and luminous wisdom of his master novel.

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