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This version incorporates all fixes/enhancements of previous version as well as provides additional fixes/enhancements.

Note 2: It is recommended that PEP CP40404SU01S be installed on the Call Pilot Server during the same maintenance window as PEP CP404S01G11C is installed on either the Call Pilot server or the standalone Web Server.

have always used Dial Up Networking to access my Call Pilot's remotely. CP404S01G08A Application Builder PC client update for use with SU01.

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I've never had an issue like this "until" - CP App Builder 4.0. I couldn't I'm the only one out there having this problem. Combined, these components further enhance Call Pilot performance by incorporating all previously released SUs/PEPs and over 85 additional quality improvements and enhancements including the following: • Improved Application Builder robustness including client/server version checking to avoid potential incompatibility problems.

• Increased Application Builder backward compatibility with 2.02, 2.5, and 3.0 servers. • Improved Call Pilot Manager administration, operation, and usability.

It seeemed to be an issue between Vlans while connecting remotely. Even thought you may have the Call Pilot 4.0 SU01 installed on the Server you also have to install the App builder and the CP Manager updates to the client desktop for App Bldr and and the Manager on the server.

I solved the problem by logging on to the network remotely and remote controlling another PC that had App Builder installed on it. If you have a seperate server for CP reporter, you need to install the manager pep on it as well. Thanks for the reply, That's exactly my issue when I tried to open and edit the Applications. Please advise Nortel you've heard of other companies across the region that are having the same issue with CP 4.04.

Here is the list from Nortel's PEP library on SU04.

I do beleive that SU04 (PEP) had a fix for this issue specifically.

Note 3: PEP CP250S02L06S "CP2.5 Forward Compatibility" must be installed on the Call Pilot Server version 2.5 SU02 (CP25006SU02S) before upgrading Call Pilot Manager to version .03. .03 (PEP CP404S01G11C) on Call Pilot Server version 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, please ensure that the previous version of Call Pilot 4.0 Manager (.01, .02) is not installed on the Call Pilot Server.

If the previous version of Call Pilot 4.0 Manager (.01, .02) is installed, remove it first.

Let us know your status, I will be going through this soon at several sites. I now have the latest and greatest APP Builder 4.0 Pep loaded on my IBM Laptop. I also have the latest 4.0 App Builder loaded, cause that's one of the 1st things they ask! There seems to be a lot of issues and problems and issues surrounding the New CP 4 App Bldr and Manager.

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