Eddie izzard dating minnie driver

So who is this man strolling through London's Soho dressed expensively in women's clothes?And what is it that makes him want to dress as a woman?They write him erotic literature - you would not believe it." Karon, who insists she is "certainly not" romantically involved with Izzard, says that they enjoy a cosy relationship and often go on shopping trips together.

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Some even claim that Izzard is the father of Driver's son, Henry, born in 2008.

Driver has never revealed the identity of the father of her child, so this all remains idle speculation.

Izzard is one of the most successful stand-up comedians Britain has produced.

He is equally one of the most controversial and troubled. He says he first wanted to wear a dress aged four, and started to crossdress in secret in his teens.

His fetish for cross-dressing has led many to claim he is homosexual. In his early 20s, he began to dress as a woman in public.

But for all his fondness for frocks and high heels, Eddie is a confirmed heterosexual. This funny and emotional show reveals the man behind the stand-up with all of the fascination and ridiculousness fans expect from an Eddie Izzard performance.2007 - Present The two were co-stars on the television series "The Riches," and some sites claim that a romance was sparked between the two.I think people expect him to be one or the other, but he is a real man."He loves his gadgets and toys, and he loves flirting with women."At the same time, he loves shopping and he loves his shoes.She's spent months keeping the identity of the father of her unborn baby under wraps, but Minnie Driver's closely-guarded secret may finally be out.

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