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An editable Grid View contains an additional column with an Edit button in each row.

When the end user clicks on an Edit button that row becomes editable, causing the Edit button to change to Update and Cancel buttons and the other columns to become Text Boxes.

Is there something wrong with the update sql statement which might be causing this problem?

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In the last two demos we'll see how to customize the editing interface for a Grid View column.

By default, the Text Boxes have no validation controls associated with them, but your business rules might require certain validation.

but the gridview doesnt refresh or update and still shows all the records including the one that was just deleted. my gridview is being populated during runtime via connecting to a database and doing a query. code: Hi Elizabeth Bradley Well you can call the Grid View1.

when the user deletes a row, the corresponding record is deleted in sql server.

The end user can then update one or more column values and click Update to save their changes. Our first demo will look at how to create an editable Grid View whose data comes from a Sql Data Source.

Next, we'll see how to create an editable Grid View from an Object Data Source.I have gridview that changes a cell value to date Time whenever I click the review button.Now, my problem is whenever I want to update that particular row, the whole column updates to date Time. is always going to be true (might as well read 1 = 1) hence it updates all rows, because all rows match the clause. I assume you actually want to compare to another identifier, not to itself.Yes , that's the problem , so basiclly speaking , you need to do another query to retrieve new datasource then bind it to Grid View control after you delete one record.Or you can remember which record is deleted , store it's id in one list and store the list in Session.The reason why I am NOT using LDS because I am updating tables from 2 different databases.

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