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The area planted to wheat is estimated at 46.5 million acres, an increase of 500,000 acres. Soybeans are also projected to be at 90 million acres, down from 90.1 million acres a year ago.

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When they do get rain, it's accompanied by severe thunderstorms.

They had some pretty big hail a week ago." Snodgrass says Argentina’s weather pattern is following a typical La Nina pattern.

Kernmantle Group founder Matt Roberts advises farmers to understand each field down to the bushel level and understand how the business works.

“There’s an old saying in business, what isn’t measured, isn’t managed.

However, harvest delays are a strong possibility within the next few weeks. The second-season corn will likely shrink, which may have some influence on world trade eventually." Spotty Rains Provide Little Help to Argentine Farmers — A large part of Argentina remains dry.

University of Illinois Extension Meteorologist Eric Snodgrass says rains in Argentina have been spotty throughout the growing season.

Wheat Still Needs to Be Managed Right — Spring wheat may be one of the crops that have the potential for profitability.

North Dakota State University Extension Agronomist Joel Ransom says the crop still needs to be managed properly for yield and protein.

That soybean price is slightly lower than last year, but corn and wheat are up ten cents per bushel.

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