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We had a lengthy chat over the phone about a wide range of topics (read that interview here).After that chat, I invited him to take a lengthy psychological battery of personality and reasoning tests, which he agreed to do.

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But I do think it’s entirely possible that they’re genuinely disgusted with their own brands.

Strauss’s new book is ultimately a repudiation of his own selfishness and poor treatment of his girlfriend (now wife) and a testament to mutual romantic devotion; that’s quite a departure from his previous fuck-deride-discard body of work.

Both are objectively intelligent and charming guys who used their gifts for evil and made a boatload bragging about it.

I found both to be equally misogynist, funny, and entertaining – written as if only to show how deeply depraved men can be in the pursuit of sex.

But it does mean that former self-advertised men on the prowl such as Strauss and Max now seem able to treat women as people, not as prey.

This leads me to my theory on the great shift in bro books: maybe men are just getting better. Nor can I prove that these two famous authors are really indicative of a certain class of modern men.

So what exactly are these accomplishments he is so proud of, this cool stuff he really has done that proved all those haters wrong?

It's becoming rich and famous writing stuff like: "... Her blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes made me think of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her missing neck and bowlegs gave me an idea what Gwyneth would look like if placed in a vise and squished to one-quarter size.

As her pigeon-toed feet carried her past my table, I slid down in my chair, hoping to catch her eye.

It’s a completely different ballgame than 30 years ago – whether you want to admit it or not. (I wasn’t surprised when it came out) People grow up and grow into new challenges and societal roles; marriage and parenthood.

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