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This years Easter Week is going to be exceptional time for dancing society.

First Iberica Dance Sport Competition organized by ANa Da Events will be held on March 29th, 30th and 31st and April 1st in one the main tourist destinations in Catalonia – Cambrils (Tarragona).

Cambrils is located at the heart of the Costa Daurada region, one of Catalonia’s most thriving holiday destinations.

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Over the next four hours, we show you the semi-final and final of the European Youth Latin as well as the last round of the European Standard Formation ...

And between these highlights you'll get to enjoy showcases.

Cambrils is one of the main tourist destinations in Catalonia and is certified as a Family Destination by the Catalan Agency of Tourism.

Moreover, it is regarded as the gastronomic capital of the Costa Daurada, thanks to more than 150 restaurants which have received numerous distinctions and awards and Michelin stars.

Fact is that it is so new that we ran into some insurmountable problems between encoding and delivering the stream through Vimeo.

To be on the safe side, we have now abandaoned the initial plan and resorted to You Tube.

Two Russian couples and one from Croatia made up the podium in the Junior World Cup.

Tomorrow's main events are eagerly awaited already: the 2018 European Youth Latin and the 2018 European Standard Formation will round off the up-and-close look at almost the full breadth of Dance Sport.

IDO requires that all competitors and judges must make sure that they have a valid insurance for Health Care and against Accident for when traveling abroad to compete in IDO-events.

It was a pleasure to bring you this high-quality stream produced by Russia's leading sports channel, Match TV, and courtesy of the All Russian Federation of Dance Sport and Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll. We are signing off for today and invite you to the next live webcast which we will produce on Saturday 3 March from the Grand Slam Standard in Helsinki, FIN.

We start the live transmission with the quarterfinal of the 2018 European Youth Latin: 24 couples dancing their heart out to make it to the evening part of this championship.

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