Fishy dating

How are we supposed to know how to be safe if our blind date who we expected to be?

Online dating can be very risky, sure, you talk to someone 24/ 7 through text messaging or online conversation, but that doesn’t mean that the right person for you when you meet face to face.

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But it does not hurt to know everything just incase.

Although there is a lot of tips it is good to follow everything.

I say this because there are many devious men in the world using online dating profiles as a means to capture and kill women, or worse.

When meeting in public for the first time, there are steps that can be taken to help keep you safe, but if there is something this small and unnoticeable on the market, people everywhere could face the dire consequences.

Make sure you keep an eye on your date or the people around you at all times.

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For our first date he took me to a chinese restaurant and afterwards we shared our first kiss outside the restaurant.

Since then we've been on many dates.” “I first contacted Rod when I saw his diary post.

If they are up to no good and or take offence then yer well shot of a potential headache cos they will soon move on to someone who wont question them at such an early phase.

keep smiling dude xxx I don't see a problem at all, your not committed to anybody if you chat on e-mail and blocking is easy enough, I do feel that if you chatted on something like MSN it can be more spontaneous with words flowing easy.

Then if it doesn't work out, just stop using the email address.

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