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” Because as I see things, I’m sorry but a man incarcerated is not a good dating choice.As a woman that promotes advancement for color women I would have never posed such a question for Black women to entertain.

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As for as the diploma goes, that aint nothing new either. One of them involved a husband/expected father that had several burdens when it came to deciding the fate of his dying wife and his unborn child.

Just take your time and as Chase stated, give him 6-12 month on the outside. It appears no one thought to ask “What is wrong with this picture.” The projected imagery the question posed for a Black woman dating an inmate was a slap in the face. But the question submitted on my Facebook page for Black women was insulting because of the low expectations for women of color.

Unfortunately some people only turn to the bible when they get into situations beyond their control. But again no one stopped to ask ‘what is wrong with this picture’ and why would a woman date someone in jail?

But regardless of when he turned as long as he acknowledges the word of God and establishes a spiritual relationship for himself, God can give him the peace wisdom and understanding to seek his will and way for his life. NOTHING redeems a brother getting out of “lock” like a woman that’s stod by him,and encouraged him to be a better person. However,give him some time to walk the walk that he,s talking. I’m sure my questions come across as having the “better than” attitude, but I’m not.

I noticed my answer and a few others were passed over and did not receive any thumbs up!

I’m sure you’ve been told this but it’s easier to submit and do the right thing when you have no other choice and the temptation is not there. Take your time and date him when he comes home act like you are meeting the new him for the 1st time and get to know the new him.

Instead of investing their funds, however, he’d use the money at casinos, nightclubs and strip clubs, according to officials. dad killed after woman from dating site sets him up There is no record indicating he is a licensed stockbroker.

Tara De Grazia, one of his victims, said he asked her questions relating to her credit, like if she was financially capable of buying a house or a car.

Pierce set up a series of profiles on various dating websites — including, Plenty Of, BBPeople and Tinder — and convinced the women he met to invest thousands in fraudulent schemes.

Pierce between 20 told the women he sparked romances with that he was licensed stockbroker.

No one better in this world than you can answer this question, if you are making the right decision? If you are willing to settle with someone who has obviously done some things to afford his freedom to be taken away, and you feel, he will no longer, once he gets his freedom again, do those things, and you care enough to believe in his ability to change and do right by you and the law, do what makes you happy, but don’t be naïve in your decision, weigh your pro’s and con’s, and be sure that is what you want, it’s your life and you will have to live with your decision. If he shows signs of reverting back to “old behaviors”,admonish him with the word of God first.then your personal feelings. I have learned over the years to reach for the stars; and that includes the men I choose to share my life with.

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