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k the link below and enter your login information on the following page to confirm your Billing Information records.. We don’t have any legitimate AOL messages to compare this to but we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t do this unless they’ve devolved to the point where they’re hiring relatives to do web design.

None of the above proves this message is fake but the “Click here to verify your account” link is pretty conclusive.

The formerly ubiquitous Internet gateway has all but disappeared.

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Our enterprise cloud computing anti-spam solution, the MX-Defender, has the highest capture rate of any spam filter ever tested in the VBSpam Challenge, blocking a record setting 99.9993% of all malicious and junk email.

Our Personal spam filtering system is also a Software as a Service (Saa S) solution and has won both the PC World "World Class Award" and also the PC Magazine "Editor's Choice Award." OME-Kids is a webmail solution that protects children from spam and other harmful emails.

You can also delete the entire folder mentioned below – either method works on AOL 10.0 Desktop but not on AOL 9.0 VR, which I need to play around with a bit more.

The full path to the file on a Windows PC should look something like this: C: Program Files Common Files AOL1144194954eeservicessoftware Updateve r1_13_8_3 On older versions of AOL like 9.0 VR you can try deleting anotify.exe, which might stop the white auto-update nag above the system tray but will not stop AOL from notifying you the old fashioned way that it wants to update – by covering your AOL window with a huge “now or later” nag with some buttons on it to click for “now” or “later”.

The first result will normally be for the e Preserver program.

It costs money, but many of my readers swear by it, so listen to them, not me, when you’re trying to decide how best to fetch your AOL email.

A young lady from Los Angeles emailed me this week asking, “Are you familiar with these invasive AOL updates? ” I test AOL’s software for my blog, so the answer is, “Yes and yes”.

One nearly fool-proof method to make AOL’s forced updates stop is to delete the file.

If you need to use AOL only infrequently, why not use Net Zero for free instead?

(This is the first time I’ve recommended a dial-up ISP in almost three years of writing for this blog, and I’m suggesting Net Zero only because her need for dial-up is not 24/7).

Nevertheless, if you do check out the page you’re on your own.

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