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Next, open up the chat with the Secretgram bot and press ‘Start’. Although it isn’t made clear, a post has now been created online hosted on the domain.This will have the title that you entered, plus an area for comments and a link to open the discussion in Telegram. Click allows you to ‘publish’ your post to other chats within Telegram.

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By way of example, here’s an anonymous post I’ve created within Telegram where reporters could post experiences of unethical behaviour.

In the section anyone can type a reply directly into the webpage.

This process, according to Candid's PR team, is entirely automated.

A "lot of factors contribute to getting the hater badge," a rep told me, "including the number of negative comments and posts based on sentiment analysis, number of down votes a user gets and the number of posts from the user that were taken down.

That hash cannot be decrypted by Candid -- or anyone else, for that matter.

What's more, closing or abandoning an account permanently deletes all that encrypted data from Candid's servers.

Similarly, if the system sees that a poster is threatening self-harm, it will issue a push notification to him or her with the number for a local crisis helpline.

So what do you get when an AI automatically scrubs your internet forum of all offensive content? The test feeds that I created during my time using the service felt like a disembodied comments section, regardless of the groups that I subscribed to.

Posts that are taken down by the system are reviewed by a human."Additionally, Candid has a system in place to first identify potentially unsubstantiated rumors through its algorithmic AI, which are then verified by a person using web and Twitter results.

Any rumors deemed to be false are quickly removed, while true statements -- such as news leaks -- remain.

An app called Candid, which launches today, is designed to fight this unacceptable online behavior with artificial intelligence.

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