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Full Review » H Werks has been around for some time and is regarded by many to be one of the best, due to its exceptional features for social networking, personal support, and education for people who are suffering from STDs.

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After 30 minutes, if your spit becomes cloudy and stringy (like a spider web I guess) then you MIGHT have a yeast infection.

After doing this test, my spit became cloudy and stringy implying that I might have a yeast infection.

The test also said that if residue built up at the bottom of the cup that I might have parasites.

And, of course, there was a decent amount of residue at the bottom of my cup while none was in my sister's.

The ratio of males and females on the website is roughly the same.

People that are suffering STDs are generally discriminated by the community and are not given a chance to find true love.

But after sifting through a lot of information about herpes, I've drited away from that thought because I read that when you first get herpes it is accompanied by intense pain and a bad fever, neither of which I had or have now. But then, just recently in the past two or three weeks, my crotch has started to smell really, really bad, to the point where, mere hours after showering I could smell my crotch through my underwear and pants while simply sitting down.

I instantly thought it might be a yeast infection, so I looked up some info on that.

I would really like to avoid involving my parents due to my shame of this whole occurence and because I would like to avoid telling them that my girlfriend and I are sexually active.

Some extra information that may aid you: My girlfriend and I have regular, unprotected sex, but have stopped during the past couple weeks because I'm becoming very uncomfortable about having sex with these bumps uncured.

The website offers a sensational platform to people who are suffering from HPV and allows them to chat, meet, discuss about their condition, and become great friends.

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