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But before we get into all of that, let’s just take a quick look at the back story of these two stratospheric Bollywood superstars.

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The dinner was of course a private affair so we, unfortunately, can’t bring you the delectable fare on offer.

The final and most important part of the entire saga was the actual Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor wedding, and much to the surprise of many a folk, it was a simple registered marriage that the couple opted to go for after the necessary rituals and tradition had been paid heed to.

It is to be stated that she is the daughter of famous actor Anil Kapoor and half sister of top actor Arjun Kapoor.

She moved inside the film from the film Black in which she acted as the assistant for Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Kareena’s uncle Rishi Kapoor and wife Neetu Singh were also present.

The lovely Soha Ali Khan was seen sporting an ear to ear smile, and she was in the company of Saif’s children (with Amrita) Ibrahim and Sara, who themselves were in high spirits.

Kareena wore her mother-in-law’s ghagra while the two exchanged vows in a symbolic act, as her mother had worn the same ghagra for her nikah to M. Ritu Kumar touched up the family heirloom and transformed it into an outfit fit to be worn by a queen at her wedding.

Ultimately, the Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor wedding set a new precedent and shattered any stereotypes and ingrained beliefs that we as a country have come to have about weddings.

From almost all the films she earned with the maximum critical fame.

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