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An article published by the Manila Times indicates that, according to the Public Attorney's Office, an individual, who was born in India, and who is married to a Filipino woman, "may only acquire Philippine citizenship through the process of naturalization," in accordance with the Commonwealth Act 473 (Manila Times 30 Apr. The Commonwealth Act 473 of 1939 states that in order to become a citizen of the Philippines through naturalization, an individual must-be not less than twenty-one years of age on the day of the hearing of the petition; He must have resided in the Philippines for a continuous period of not less than ten years; He must be of good moral character and believes in the principles underlying the Philippine Constitution, and must have conducted himself in a proper and irreproachable manner during the entire period of his residence in the Philippines in his relation with the constituted government as well as with the community in which he is living; He must own real estate in the Philippines worth not less than five thousand pesos [approximately C5.00], Philippine currency, or must have some know[n] lucrative trade, profession, or lawful occupation; He must be able to speak and write English or Spanish and any one of the principal Philippine languages; He must have enrolled his minor children of school age, in any of the public schools or private schools recognized by the Office of Private Education of the Philippines, where Philippine history, government and civics are taught or prescribed as part of the school curriculum, during the entire period of the residence in the Philippines required of him prior to the hearing of his petition for naturalization as Philippine citizen. 2) Section 3 of the Act indicates that the ten years of continuous residency required under condition 2 of the previous section, will be reduced to five years for a person who is married to a Filipino woman (ibid., Sec. 3.2 Application Procedures Section 5 of the Commonwealth Act states that [o]ne year prior to the filing of his petition for admission to Philippine citizenship, the applicant for Philippine citizenship shall file with the Bureau of Justice a declaration under oath that is bona fide his intention to become a citizen of the Philippines. Such declaration shall set forth the name, age, occupation, personal description, place of birth, last foreign residence and allegiance, the date of arrival, the name of the vessel or aircraft, if any, in which he came to the Philippines, and the place of residence in the Philippines at the time of making the declaration. a person who is married to a citizen of India and is ordinarily resident in India for seven years before making an application for registration. 5(1)(c)) The same source states that an applicant is considered to be an ordinary resident of India if he has resided in India throughout the period of twelve months immediately before making an application for registration; he has resided in India during the eight years immediately preceding the said period of twelve months for a period of not less than six years. 5, Explanation 1) The Citizenship Rules indicate that An application from a person, who is married to a citizen of India, for registration as a citizen of India under clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 5 [of the Citizenship Act] shall not be entertained unless - the application is made in Form III [A copy of Form III is attached to this Response (Attachment 1)]; he gives an undertaking in writing that he shall renounce the citizenship of his country in the event of his application being sanctioned; on the date of making the application he,- has been ordinarily a resident of India; or has been in the service of the Government of India; at least for a period of seven years; and he makes the oath of allegiance as specified in the Second Schedule to the Citizenship Act, 1955.

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The proportion of LCP workers has been overrepresented by Filipinas.

By 2000, Filipinas made up 87 percent of all LCP caregivers.

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"Reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship." [Accessed 19 Feb.

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The Central Government may, in consideration of the special circumstances, exempt, any foreign national married to such an Indian citizen who is in the service of the Government in India, from the operation of clause (c) of sub-rule (1). 5) 2.2 Application Procedures The applicant must submit the application for citizenship to the "Collector/Deputy Commissioner/District Magistrate within whose jurisdiction the applicant is ordinarily resident for transmission to the Central Government through the State Government or the Union territory administration" (ibid., Part II).

The Central Government may, in consideration of the special circumstances, exempt any foreign national who has been married to an Indian citizen for not less than seven years and who has visited India at least once in a year during any seven years out of nine years, from the operation of clause (c) of sub-rule (1). The applicant must also provide the following documents with his or her application for citizenship: A copy of the valid foreign passport; A copy of the valid residential permit; Proof of his or her husband's or wife's Indian nationality, such as a copy of Indian passport or birth certificate; A copy of a marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriage; An application fee of 500 Indian Rupees [approximately C.00] (ibid.).

According to the website of BLS International, the applicant must provide the following documents: An application form; Original Indian passport and a copy of the passport; Copy of the Canadian citizenship certificate; Copy of Canadian passport, if available; Copy of Record of Landing, and The applicable fees (ibid. The website of the High Commission of India in Ottawa indicates that the Indian passport will be cancelled and returned to the applicant along with the issued Surrender Certificate (India n.d.b).

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