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It is a pity that this year I could not commit my time to ASV-Gay but I am surely grateful for the experience.

In addition, I have also had some experience with gay sport clubs in Amsterdam.

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Another wonderful thing is that there are also a lot of straight people in gay bars and clubs in Amsterdam.

The word GAY does not stop any Amsterdamers to enjoy a good night out at a good bar.

Gay community The gay community in Amsterdam is truly amazing for its liveliness.

There are plenty of groups, clubs, associations, and organizations for gay people here.

And then come the memories, I took part in organizing 2 oversea trips as a member of the traveling committee, I went on my first skiing trip, I wore a jaguar onesie to a Halloween party, I puked during a beer relay game on a weekend trip, I got to see the beauty of Dutch countryside in a treasure hunt event.

I treasure the friendships and the memories I have made so far.

The dating scene is great with a diversity of colours and sizes, however the dating culture is unfortunately not so pretty sometimes.

Being a typical Asian-looking guy, sadly I do get a lot of “no Asian please”, consequently a lot of rejections.

All you need is a strong belief that it does get better.

And with that belief, you can create your own Amsterdam in your community.

The club has a really warming, friendly and sporty environment.

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