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It's been awhile since we've had a full day alone, just us.As I stretched, extending my thick cut thighs and toned forearms to the ends of the bed, I notice your eye flutter into consciousness. Not everything is perfect after all the work is done, there's always more work to do.A concerned chuckle slips out as I ask, "What do you think you're doing?

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Every moment I'm near you lets me turn off my safety switch, and focus on the feelings that make up my personality. It also seemed to make a certain someone a little too eager, as I felt heat from my crotch rise how the morning flag rises to the top of it's pole.

I was never one to make a big deal of sex, and really, neither were you.

This kind of people isn't as kind and the people we want to be.

We just aren't into doing or thinking about "it" all the time, or even some of the time, that's just not... Rolling out of bed in my fresh, crisp boxer briefs, the ripples of my physique accented by the dim sunlight of the warm morning twilight.

I've never heard you make a big deal about sex before, not like this. Or is it lust that burns your veins when you think about the things you've done with me, or someone else?

This isn't how were are, this isn't who we've become.My lightning rod stiffens, allowing more hormones to flow and fill the flesh with desire.Though, our usual Saturday morning routine begins, and I suppress the urge I have inside and the feelings start to subside. A cute, playful sigh from across the bed is followed by a tiny stretch as you reach around. Good morning, sir" Your hand ruffles the sheet and your fingers find themselves in my boxers as the tips of your nails graze my mast.My hips slide back quickly, your hand falling from my cotton cage, mine grazing your breast like the soft touch of a feather.Our bodies growing farther out of reach as our routine moves on.Those things we did, when we were under the influence? The early dawn warmth was spreading outwards from my shaft.

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