Updating jailbroken iphone 3g

This update was released to fix a SMS vulnerability that Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner discovered in i Phone OS 3.0.

If you have a jailbreak or unlock, you will need to follow the below steps to keep it. After updating to i Phone 3.0.1 download and install i Phone 3.0 firmware. Follow the guide at the Jailbreak i Phone 3.0.1 post.

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Unlike fully untethered jailbreaks such as Yalu's i OS 10.2 method, semi-tethered jailbreaks require users to re-enable the mod each time their device is turned off.

Fortunately, the process of kickstarting a jailbreak is easy to do, since it's already embedded in your i Phone's OS and doesn't require reinstallation.

With your jailbreak back up and running, you now go about customizing your i Phone some more, knowing that if something goes wrong, you can just reboot your device and easily re-enable jailbreak with the tap of a button.

As always, post in the comment section below to share your thoughts or any questions you may have with regards to jailbreaking.

11 ) Launch i Tunes – click your device and restore from backup After the restore, the i Phone reboots and asks for Location Services and i Cloud services account details, in the background let i Tunes sync the device and copy apps, music, books, movies – this can take a long time….

1) To jailbreak and install Cydia: – launch redsn0w again Then on your i Phone/i Pad you will see a hardrive icon followed by a bunch of scrolling code and then running pineapples – and its all happy days.

With i OS6.1.2 now available the window to upgrade jailbroken devices to i OS 6.1 is now closed, i OS 6.1.2 is currently not jailbreakable with redsn0w (but it is with evasion!

)- this post will be updated when the next version of redsn0w is released to jailbreak i OS 6.1.2 The process of getting this job done requires a number of steps (but are easily done), which are downloading the official i OS 6 firmware from Apple, upgrading i Tunes to the latest version, getting the latest redsn0w software from the dev team.

So if you have successfully jailbroke but are stuck on i Phone Apple logo, spinning gear on i Phone boot up, connect the i Phone, launch redsn0w Extras. This also applies if Cydia crashes on launch or you get a white icon – this means that a tethered boot is also required but is known as a semi-tethered boot as the i Phone can reboot without assistance but to be in a jailbroken state needs a tethered boot.

The only i Phone that can boot untethered on this redsn0w/jailbreak is the old bootrom i Phone 3GS. If you mistakenly upgraded an unlocked/jailbroken i Phone via i Tunes to a regular i OS update you will end up on one of these basebands and lose that unlockable functionality.

4) After rebooting, launch Cydia on the i Phone, the app will ask you what type of user you are – just go with ‘user‘ unless you want more and tap ‘done’.

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