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After reviewing the application on i OS and Android, I was unable to find any functionality that would require access to “contacts to show you who has an account in Sarahah.” Unfortunately, it’s probably safe to assume that the majority users on both Android and i OS simply approve access to their contacts.

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The video begins by authenticating to Sarahah on Android.

After logging in and retrieving some relevant account details, the two POST requests are made, transmitting my device’s phone and email contacts respectively.

Phones running Android 5 and below, of which there is still a significant market share, will have no further prompt about accessing contacts beyond the Play Store permissions during installation.

It’s likely that most users permit access to their contacts without considering how this data may be used.

Android 6 introduced permissions changes, so Android 6 will prompt the user for access to the contacts, as shown below: Upon pressing “Allow”, all phone and email contacts will be uploaded to Sarahah.

The address book on my phone consists of 164 contacts.

Sarahah, on both Android and i OS, does not provide users enough information on how their phone’s contact details will be used.

While this functionality is claimed to be part of a future release, and that “the database doesn’t currently hold a single contact”, unfortunately all we have is the company’s word.

i OS offered more protection against this data leak, explicitly prompting whether to allow the application access to the phone’s contacts.

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