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At HAMMER PERFORMANCE, we carry XL Cams from HAMMER Performance, Andrews, Red Shift, Screamin Eagle, and Wood.Here are our favorites: The tooth pitch was changed on the pinion & #2 drive gears starting in 200091-99 style shown on left, 2000-Up shown on right A note on pinion gears: Starting in 2000, HD went to a new, finer pitch on the pinion gear and the matching drive gear on the #2 cam.

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Backdating and spring loading

An unintended consequence of the legislation was that executives' total compensation actually increased in the post-1993 period, largely due to a dramatic increase in employee stock options.

Internal Revenue Code was passed into law with the intent to reign in outsized executive compensation by eliminating the tax-deductibility of executive compensation above $1 million unless the excess compensation was performance-based.

Maximum valve lift should be chosen with an eye on the head's flow numbers.

Many stock ports will "nose over", flow-wise, at lifts well under .500".

That means the port is flowing all it can, and opening the valve farther doesn't make it flow more.

After the heads have been properly prepared, however, this changes dramatically.On top of that, high lifts put a lot of side loading on the valves which causes guide wear.The bottom line is that there's no benefit and many drawbacks to running more lift than your heads can make use of.One other note on intake close timing: the later you close it, the higher compression ratio you need, since no compression takes place until the valve is closed.A high compression ratio with early intake close timing is a recipe for detonation.So consult your head porter about how much lift your heads can make use of.

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