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"Wc feel like we're on a, roll, and wc T^Kaving a lot of fun." Pruden said. jusjc S30 million in contribu- tions limited by federal law and SIO million m so-caiieu son money uu r- ing the 15-monih period. scum on Nonh Main Street in Hai- the mincrii, irappers. graph outfit, an addressing ma- ni' Summer: A Homecomihg Ex- farmers who settled southern Ida- chine and telephones for the dcaf.''-*hibii,'' a show of recent works hv - ■ ■ r ho all may be seen at the Cassia Also of inicresi arc a rocking foi TOcr CSl an majors, is sltiied to I I n Rr Jl Xl Coumy Museum, locai- horse carved by a Basque sheep- runthrouch Aus. ed afihe comer of East Main 'and herder., a large toy collectionra — T~~z , _ . The: i.i r c- Special weekend ratc.s at (he Residence Inn fligh Bac'k Spring Base Chair Reg.

• -cvctnts Tiromiscd-scientiric-bcnenis^stfvefa Uelfcvisi Qii shnw . and other industry officials estimate that Ihc paper is losing S25 million to . Peter Pitts, director of marketing tor the paper, declined to comment on the paper's financial situation. It said they amassed S26 million in "soft money" not sub- ject to federal law. • On the south side'of the nver on the River Road, you will find one of two hatcheries operated by Fish Breeders of Idaho.

82 75 .02 Idaho Miami Beach 82 75.02 l Q3h O Milwaukee - 80 52 — - Minneapolis 79 61 .05 Now Orleans 84 65.03 Burley ’ _N«w-Yoik SS 5 2 , .36- — Hagofman Oklahoma City 78 65 Idaho Fotts Omaha - 88 62 Phoenix 101 73 Pittsburgh 82 55 Portland. ' astronauts had cmcrgc(ron the* attempt because "one for ll alt-o showed, he said, that "if wc tamiac at Edwards Air Force Base in; putiinu humans into. to have a future in space, there their bright orange flight suits,; leum." - roles for humans as well as stepprng gingerly as they regained; And lie Warned in a news r^obots. Endeavour, holding two ikws perform a spacewalk simultaneously; Burtlie 'analy'sts^lso^uggc'stcd during the niglu'as weir'(ihfee): longest space'walk' ih Instory; that the appeal of the space speaking to tlic crew in a (Richard. at 8 hours 29- is nut in its economic benefits, nr hookup and appearing on minutes. 7«s Wednesday and .■nasi by Sunday afternoon, sending some high clouds inland Thursday.' Lows 45 lo 55 Tuesday, upper .30s to mtd 4t K )ver southwestern sections of Idaho. Mike Hughes, associate director - of the-Amcricun Press Insliluic. WEST • 733-8323 DOWNTOWN TWIN FALLS t: WASHINGTON (AP) - Republi- .['c;ins arc winning the race for cam- [|';iigii iloliars. Tlie commission said three major gr iuips that raise money for the Re- juihliean Party nationally took in S102 million in contributions limited If-Sheei by federal law in the 15 months end- ing Marclr 3 1 . Tliis facility is open to the public seven days a week.

If it cuts rales, again in election year, it' risks political rebuke. (AP) - Unit- Delegates refused an official lion or an inlcrfaith. Charles Lippsc of ■ • or Oiisly during then-day meci'ing.'^-Johnson City.-Tcnn,. insensitive and • Launched plans For cstabiisn- asiile ^recommendations from lop ouloftouch." ing a zone of busmcscss and socia :idniimsir;ilors or official study But the conference modified its services in a block of no Kshallcred direclive.-lcaving-lhe-board4ii. • Idaho Slate Hatchery south of are better slocked. Cains I, and slargcoa are also popular “J J_ off Highway Most of the hatcheries scattered along the Snake River arc cither operated by die Idaho Depanment of Fish and Game, the Ft'derai -Fish and Wildlife Services, or are cuhimerclally Derated, and some arc privately owned und-opcniied. Steel reinforced fibers has the l Ook of wicker with a durable, comfortable latex coating.

r0r CC3St S Clko'Couniyr=1^ntycloudy-on-Sunday-wiih-widclj — Twin Polls, Burley, Rupert, Jerome and Gooding: scattered afienoon und evening ihundersiorms mainly cast. UMI TEOJ-Q STOCK OH JUND.^ • MOVIE SPECIAL • All Nintendo Games All-Movies (Including new leleas Bs): TWIN FALLS STORES ONLY! Tlie Tliis is low enough to give the Fed ihcr room to act without, worrying abut rcignitingi inflation. of culling rates to boost the political chances of u president as much us to the econ-; omy. verse views about it.— ^ members was overwhelming up- ■nicy tried to keep steady in the A middle-American tendency to p^Qv^i of a lively new Book of - Momi.'- -siiid -tiie-Rev.' : Lconard- distrust . esiablishmenis Worship, .updating languagejind (iillingham of Las Cruces. ■ ^ ’ Lealitig-w iih^-rver\'^divcrscrrchurch:5:bicgcst? genc)vthc Board church's first' comprc-“ church, they iwk the middle way." of Global Ministries, to move out revised worship book in Although delegates to the Gen- of New York City. .•r-il f't'mfi-’r L'nce often snarrcd vie- Tlie Rev. which ended Friday, they generally ing was the ^ard has '•become a leaffimied'pasl positions., brushing bit, callous an B big. about 75'pcrccnt of old items for sale date from about the turn of ' , the . '“Collectibles’ Safe, sensible weigiu loss for 29 years. I-Sob-SAY-TRIM Tel»vi QWc^hi W«Kher T*layourwgcliplaco Oalel 304 16 Timos-Nows. Sieelhead is the handicap access to fishing on die fishihg on the river. y nn might want to start v^i Bhw Lake.s Trout Farm, north of Tvyin - nwt - tu ili c^ B tce^t Jkcr Country Club. SALT LAKE "CASUAL OUTDOOR FURNITURE FOR SUMMER ENTERTAINING Indoor or outdoor, pool or patio. You'll enjoy fine outdoor "Perma Wicker" furniture for years to come.

NASA officials are hoping the flight, which broke at least eight records, also has calendar, of cvcnls4isiing^mcthing Jo transportcd-lhc-ngcncy-a-vast distancc-in. -bul-h'£gavd-'ri 6 tcluttstio Tarp 6 lsiblcu^ord,-un.ltalian — news agency reported. Gadhufi invited Italian reporters to his tcnt'Officc in his compound in the Libyan capita LTripoli (0 the Issue, the agency Adnkronos reported. The United Nations last month imposed inidc arid diplomuiie sanctions 'on Libya for refusing to surrender two men accused of the 19X8 bombing of the Pan Am jet over Lockerbie'. Gadhafi refused to allow the suspects to face trial in Britain or the Uniiei J States, but said li trial could be held in Libya or another country; London and Washington huve rejected Ihiii proposal. Business tycoon Eduardo Cojuangco Jr..‘ a close associate of former dictator Ferdinand E. NEW DELHI, India (AP) — ' "Hindus and Muslims traded gunfire- ' , in, clashes that claimed at least three \ lives and left many stores burned and. Ever since Glenn unpacked his He makes people feel good about g decade ago, he • feeling resentful. But en|crtainmcnt is not the purpose pjg seeks out his opponents’ smallest of politics. We cannot achieve these objectives if we arc forced to continue piirchf Kinp portable clnssrooms. Replace it with some new colorful • Kids’ rooms: Get things neat. decision about a house in the first you can 'model home* it." Kinney • Outside: If you have a porch or 20 seconds. •pi JTT'Tir Trw-inrbottlc'nnd— tlcck Trennip^srif H-ou’rc-havtng-ii— ■ buyers xvill see when they cross the glasses and pretty cloth napkins, party, Pul out a pitcher of lemoiuilc threshold.

- “I think wc'll reach an accord.” Adnkronos quoted Gadhafl as saying. Marcos, announced that computer projcctioas ba se d on returns so far, from Monday's election showdd that he had. -loolcdrpolicc-buid-Suuirdayc ^ The violence Friday also injured at least 77 people, including 19 police officers, a police spokesman It’s cspecially-not'the -^ggjjnesses and magnifies them purpose of primary elections, where 'shamelessly. In the district today, there arc 1 1 portable class’room.s, and wc arc currently aitcmpiing Steveir Kr Tolman Reader comment to acquire more. Add some plants and pretty things, and some glasses, Add some plant'.

urban areas, lion and anger" at national officials On the high-tension issue of • Increxsed il^inisiries to His- . "It's abortion, delegates largely kept to panics, blacks and other mmori- iioi rebellion but an insistence on the status quo. Most arc open to the public during regu- l ar business hours. Stcelhcud and Rainbow Trout , Hagcrman about ‘A mile north of the Gridley Bridge across the Snake River, off Highway .^0. Colors: • Brown •~Btue • Pebble • Green • White • Pewter • Vanilla U^*/-fkincfef S Low Back-Sprlng-Base Ghair Reg.-'-H 4-? Special Prices 5 Pc.^erma Wicker Outdoor Dining Set ' Handsome 5 piece dining group includes 48" Werzalit Umbrella table and four matching stacking arm chairs.

If it doesn't, it risks • economic rcbukc..|t's in a tough spot,. Ncu: — Los— Angel e s , as a protoiyp^-fo E — ' Tlie Rev. Quick of York for four years for time to similar projects in other depressed Detroit said the level of ''frustra- pick a heartland site. speci es raised here l ike To arrange for a lour, just call the hatchery of youra:lioice. Weather-proof and chlorine resistant flexoble spring steel legs for bouncing comfort Our selection includes lounger, gliding love seats, and high and low back chairs. Spring Special ZO^' Gliders, Loveseats and Umbrellas Also at Spring. *889” Spring Special 995 Call For Reservations (801)532-5511 or 1-800-331-3I31, ' Childien slay free. 765 East 400 South •Sait-lak'e-Cityr Gtah-84 1 02— FURN1TURE& APPLIANCES 453 Main Ave.

- A3 -things-lo-do-ond— I — Ghanenger-oiroled-the-Barth-about44-l- ? • ' This'ycar's''^ide'“ includes a speeial cave page with a dircctoiy of deep, dark caverns around cho Magic Vailcy..visit.r Thrr: publication also features an antique guide where bargains can still be found. when cities were burning and astronauts were breaking new ground alo H, Pike said, "wc arc once again living in history, where great things are afoot, where the future of the eouniry is “bdiig^cfincd:’^;;; — • But he and other experts ciimioncd that the mission came close to being a liiiseo, that it cost hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars,' and that NASA still faces -tightening budgets at the hands of Congress. flight also foreshadowed complications and delays that could occur with NASA's planned space station do nearly every day of the summer. In its place is the John Pike of the Federation of American ‘TIic flight served as a reminder, analyst^ ..said, that human space woj J;.Tt? Louis 86 65 .02 Soil La Xo City 86 SO — -San gfgnci5«^68-S6 Soattlo 60 46 .... T^culturc-formany years and Russ’s father and uncle developed the first- ' sprinkler system in the state of Idaho, which lias greatly increased farm produotion-t-hrough GUt*t-hc.sratc- . ■ \X/|, iieii pve Twin Falls county and Idaho need Russ’s forwa rd lookin g -and -l“tir6blcm-solving-abilities-in-the.S)0ems__ of water,. .^incetely.yours,- ’ Dr VDavid Mc Clus Uy Donna Scott — — ■■ n r/tnuffr , 3392 HIghl Qwrs Otivo r Twin Falli. OIttr M 33 We the following physicians | and our families believe that the quality of our children's education is important to the ^tfealth and welfare of our entire i -Cpmmunity.--l PIease^vote Jn Jayor_ of the school bond issue. Ubyd^^'es^^^ - Pat and’ Jara Desmond Hr Pefef^pd Yivian TJo He JL B? Nicho l son ' ~ Aan Olmstead 7 Donald & Bonnie Pica^ , Bob and Karen Porter.', ^ ..-Jfent Pressm an . and Calhleon Mc Comos- 3 claim to hold lead in PKilippinesl^dting :-Presidenti^l-frontrunner-Fldei: Raino&-.check54he-ta|ly. , L urds, see King to ensure rf S Kvair Swi r3 CTwa Los Angeles Tlmei MANILA. Those objectives include reduction in class sizes, more elementary counselors. If you have it kitchen table, set it but don i overdo it.

Readers will find an extensive limes and Jogged 3.6 million miles._Sorne "100,000' well-wish’err Turhedb to welcome the travelers,' whose spacecraft punctuated its landing by popping open on experimental red, while and blue parachute designed to help it stop. It • showed improvisation and teamwork and is a celebration of the genius of the American people. f7eudcr-Moarnmar_Gjidba£i Ji Q_ Saturday predicted a settlement in his standoff with , the West over the bombing of Pan Am Flight' 103. Bart and Lois Adnan Scott and Catheririe Allan Marc and Cathiyh A^’n Jane Bainet-Munro ■Monte and Ann Cran dall. lf an3~Jah Fl Sh Cigh ken^ttt^nd^arah-H^^^ Dave and Sue Mc Clusky Bruce C. Philippines —The evcr- strangcr saga of t he Philippine ■.■presldent W^e CTTbii iook anotncr twist Saturday when a third major candidate declared tumscii the — puialive-winner^'official counting process and asserted that the race was so muddled that Congress ultimately would be forced to pick the president. and improving technology, enhanced physical education programs, enhanced performing arts and eontinim] , revision and upgrading qf curriculum and instruction. Minimize the • Here arc some of their ideas: for lunch. Take out everything from • First impressions: Focus a lot of impotiani to buyers, and setting the the closets and put it back m aiicntion oct your entryway. Gather toys m Forester believes buyers make a -’Tlie kitchen is one room where hriglil plastic Iwxcs. Couniy-His — poflraying-Nativc-Amcriejm-ciil bond, John. Before that, the dress * This presidential election year Day through Labor Day.

Our Ada County singles are in the 208 area code, and might live in these or other zip codes: 83726, 83716, 83719, 83732, 83715, 83709, 83705, or 83706 personals.

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