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He treats this as a panoramic picture of modern cooperative styles, from the sextants on the table fashioned in improved workshops to the "cunning rituals" of compromise embodied in the proud – but ever-flexible – figures of the young envoys themselves.

Industrial capitalism drew on all these breakthroughs but bred loneliness and alienation in its factories and metropolises.

The son of a radical single mother, born in 1943, Sennett was brought up amid the hard-pressed housing projects of Chicago's notorious Cabrini Green.

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He does, in a footnote, accept that the gobby diva originally had the BNP in her sights.

Yet, for him, this schoolyard mutiny captured in a striking image (of the kind that he so smartly hunts down and clarifies) the tribal, adversarial edge that both sharpens and weakens metropolitan life today.

This apostle of creative conversation, of open-ended dialogue rather than point-scoring debate, wants "to practise cooperation on the page" - in the manner of his beloved Montaigne.

Yet the overall outline of his narrative looks clear.

As he notes, Chicago's post-war grassroots culture of bottom-up community organising, led by the legendary Saul Alinsky (a family friend), offered an intellectual and political nursery to many other activists.

One of them is called Barack Obama; another, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As much a close observer as a speculative thinker, Sennett pays attention to the whole person and their local habitation.

When he reports from the Manhattan job centre where Wall Street casualties of the meltdown in finance seek work, or recalls his research on Boston factory-floors in the heyday of secure jobs, tough foremen and strong unions, you see, hear and imagine the place and the people.

And they've turned off the new air-conditioning units. It turned out that they hummed in B flat – not so great in a setting where precise artisans tune their pieces to a perfect A natural.

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