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There are so many others, like Wilkes, whose sense of belonging and purpose rely heavily upon the personal and genuine exchanges they seek within their community. * I fear it is merely the listed status of Granville Arcade / Brixton Village and its infrastructure saving it from being demolished and rebuilt to make way for bigger business or property development.

National Rail’s actions threaten to destroy these everyday connections along with the livelihoods of valued, hard-working traders and their families.

These people are Brixton’s heritage and should be protected like any listed building would be*.

Our Presbyterian church in central London welcomes all.

It is unique in its history as the “Kirk of the Crown of Scotland”; the longest-established Presbyterian church south of the border, dating from 1711.

When another local institution Nour Cash & Carry was threatened with untenable rent hikes in 2013, Brixton fought to save them and they won.

No community fights harder for its independent businesses and the reaction to these evictions so far has been just as impassioned.

For details of services and other activities, see What’s On.

We are delighted that you have found this website and hope that it conveys something of the flavour of life at Crown Court.

Few other shops in Brixton can match the warmth, quality and personal service of A&C, Mash & Sons or O Tahlo.

Who will provide Brixton’s soundtrack if the music kiosks are booted out?

Sadly the council have no direct control over National Rail’s decision, as councillor Jack Hopkins explains here, so we can only hope that they chose to react compassionately.

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