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The widget also has predefined rules which specify: You cannot work around these issues, because no other reliable way to detect typing in mobile browsers exist—virtual keyboard does not raise any other specific events. Mask will be composed from patterns and hardcoded chars.

Now that we have our quick descriptions set, we can now start adding in our Extenders to the equation, or our handy Text Boxes.

Now simply use the smart tag to guide you through the process pictured below.

The supported data formats are: Number, Date, Time, and Date Time. If not we will go into much more detail explaining the properties along with how to attach it to a Text Box and see it in its full glory.

Let’s look at the Extender it’s self and how it works.

Let me give you a quick explanation of what this AJAX tool provides and does for us. NET AJAX extender that attaches to a Text Box control to restrict the kind of text that can be entered.

Masked Edit applies a “mask” to the input that permits only certain types of characters/text to be entered.

All patterns are verified against regular expression on client side and server side.

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Here is a list of options available to you with this Extender.

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