Updating handbook dating web site names

Further, there are numerous requirements for employers who wish to utilize their current PTO, vacation, or sick leave policy to comply with this new law.

While there is no one correct way to comply with these new requirements, we recommend that all employers review their policies for compliance well before the effective date of this law, July 1, 2015.

As part of this process, the BCP and test program should be reviewed by senior management, the planning team or coordinator, team members, and the board at least annually.

The team or coordinator should contact business unit managers throughout the financial institution at regular intervals to assess the nature and scope of any changes to the institution's business, structure, systems, software, hardware, personnel, or facilities.

So skip the legalese, buzzwords and corporate jargon.

If you have to include a phrase that’s unique to your company or industry, just make sure you offer a definition for it.

Doing this will provide you with a line of defense against potential discrimination and other legal claims.

Above all, make sure your handbook provisions don’t discourage employees from reporting problems.

Issues requiring resolution may stem from a number of factors, including changes in internal or external dependencies involving staff, technology, facilities, and third parties.

Test results and issues should be periodically analyzed to determine whether problems encountered during testing could be traced to a common source, such as inadequate change control procedures.

Once tests have been completed, documented, and assessed, the test program should be updated to address any gaps identified during the tests.

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