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I contend that the primary reason National Breakup Season could even exist is that these couples weren’t practicing the principles of dating for life.

What could be a more joyous time than the holiday seasons and Valentine’s Day, that is if you are with the right person. Chances are the relationship doesn’t have enough connectivity for make its bonds strong.

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The couples represent a range of backgrounds – lifestyle poly, kinky, queer, hetero-vanilla – and by showing a wide variety, the series dispels misconceptions of a non-monogamous “type”.

My goal is to show how flexible and supple is love, that it can contain so many multitudes. There is a perception in the poly community that unicorn hunting is hurtful towards the unicorn and rife with couple privilege.

I wanted to write a love letter to the scene, to honestly portray these people and relationship models as accessible, wholesome and revolutionary. She’s hungry, and she shows up, but she’s not an instigator.

In that way, she embodies an audience unfamiliar with this world and it’s practices.

And also, that the concept of “cheating” is retired or rebranded.

Also that people can be more honest, when in relationships, about feelings that relate to extracurricular desires. With only 5 days left in our Kickstarter Campaign (for post production) we are 100% funded (although people can still contribute)!

The good news for ALL COUPLES—Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Don’t wait and bring home the predictable cliché card and roses.

Surprise your lover with a unique, true-to-you date.

Wilson Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Genre: Fiction Age Recommended: 14 and up This book is an advance copy, courtesy of the author himself (who found me on Twitter)! View this post on Google Valentine’s Day, one of the original greeting card days, wasn’t designed to honor somebody named Valentine. Therefore, think about the four keys in Dating for Life and honor the original Greek derivative of the word DATE ( It’s going to be an invasion. Be receptive to opportunities to make new acquaintances, bolster friendships, familial bonds or the possible love of your life. If you instead grow wiser, you may, in fact, learn from your children. During his imprisonment, he purportedly healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius.

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