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Cons the game is not completed, short, too much of texts and fewer graphics (I meant characters don`t appear much in a lot of scenes, they are just empty with just texts), fewer ending (3), girls assume the guy might be a rapist without a clue (seems a bit prejudice and misandrist), no lesbian scenes, the creators earn a lot of money from donations, but they put less effort on the game so it`s not a good move.

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Found myself wondering why all the pictures of empty rooms and why anime games so often seem determined to cast the player in the role of an annoying virginal doofus, so I guess those were my main barriers. I really liked the atmosphere and sound effects, and the feeling that the main character is new to Tokyo.

Just like in real life, weaboos/otakus/whatever act like you should know everything about Japan like they do.

The main character didn`t seem like a creeper like some others on here think.

I thought he came off more like a typical shy/nerdy guy which I assume are most people that play games like this.

Sex with Hana: Ask for help Navel-Gaze Get this over with Walk up and say hi Wait Go brush your teeth Hi Hana Ask her what she thinks Go for it Order Eggplant Pasta Tell her you like it Ask what her favorite part of Tokyo is Say it`s fine Tell her the truth Pay for both Refuse Don`t masturbate Agree to go Go for it == Leads to rough drunken sex with Hana Hana doesn`t seem to want to talk to you after this no matter what options you take.

Erika: Ask for help Navel-Gaze Get this over with Walk up and say hi Wait Go brush your teeth Hi Hana Ask her what she thinks Make an excuse Head into town Tease her Refuse Don`t Tell her she`s cute Ask her to have a drink Make fun of her At this point you can have a drunken BJ or rape her in her sleep BJ: Put blanket over her == Leads to a drunken BJ Yes Agree Accept invitation Knock on her door Ask if she`s feelig alright Compliment her or ask what she means.

After he levels, visit his room and select "other". I was influenced by my g/f and all of the other Sasuke/Sakura fangirls out there.

It's just funny to have these signs that go everywhere. Yeah, the series is long done, but we'll always have the memories.

Some great potential, but a lot of black screens, empty rooms and glitchy images (such as eyes not appearing). Also considering the screen shot on the main Playforce page of Hana & Eirca kissing and there are no lesbian scenes I feel cheated. I hope there is a part 2 where the girls get together & the blue haired girl becomes a love intrest.

Some issues with the text in a few places (such as being told "no more drinks" even though we never had any drinks, or asking if I play the flute even though I said I play tennis or something). Pros beautiful graphics especially characters (9/10 for graphics) ,so much of potential, the story is okay, like the sound.

Overall it`s good, but it`s also clear that there`s no way to get to the teaser picture since the girls pretty much hate each other no matter what choice you make.

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