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Then, they cheer on their child when the date gets sexy. Whenever you're not feeling it with a Bumble date, don't be afraid to shout "Next" in his face. Are you looking for a post-Valentine's Day date? The cable channel is reviving its cancelled comedic dating TV show, Parental Control.

They was the perfect balance of love, lust, bad one-liners, and humiliation. I'm surprised my mom let me watch all of these as obsessively as I did. From digging through a stranger's underwear drawer to "nexting" someone at first sight, these were train wrecks we couldn't stop watching.

Lucky for you, I'm going to help you relive all those amazing moments. The parents interview candidates to date their son or daughter.

She oozed charisma from her pores and when she spoke I could tell she was from somewhere in Africa. A message from Fatima was waiting for me when I returned from tour a week later. It was that one where the parents hate their daughter’s boyfriend (or son’s girlfriend) so much they set her up on blind dates. It was shot at some random studio in the suburban sprawl that is Los Angeles. The parents were on a couch and I sat opposing them.

She took down my home phone number and said she’d call me. The parents would interview a bunch of potential daters and then select two people they liked. There were bright lights, a lot of people, and I was terribly nervous.

This time I want you to say her boyfriend seems like a douchebag. Great, let’s do it.”We’d try what they said, and they’d stop us again for more directions. It wasn’t exactly scripted and we weren’t really actors, but it was pretty fake nonetheless.

And Klarissa, I want you to agree with him a little bit. Klarissa and I actually hit it off during our fake date. ”Then we’d hear Jensen say it and the producers would crack up even more.

“The real opportunity for MTV is bringing back big, over the top, lovable reality characters,” MTV, VH1 and Lego President Chris Mc Carthy told Deadline last week, following the announcement that MTV would be returning the focus of its original programming to reality, music and live shows.

I’m standing in a small living room with two other men, three large cameras, and dozens of television crew members.

There’s a producer from MTV looking to put people on some shows!

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