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Isn’t it in their best interest to not appear hostile so that they can get along in society without being treated like a threatening enemy?

We must rip them off Isn't it funny how no baby is born racist Yet, every baby cries when they hear the cries of another No matter the gender, culture or color Proving that deep down, we were meant to connect and care for each other That is our mission, and that it's not my opinion That is the truth in a world that has sold us fiction Please listen, labels only distort our vision Which is why half of those watching this will dismiss it Or feel resistance and conflicted But, just remember...

versus them So the answer to war, racism, sexism, and every other -ism Is so simple that every politician has missed it It’s the labels...

The hostility I see towards light-skinned women is just horrible!

The same thing goes for skinny women, they are ridiculed for having a body shape that is attractive according to Eurocentric standards (or Hollywood standards).

Or even, “What do you suggest, we should start shuckin’ and jivin’ so we don’t upset the White folks”? I was reading a lot of African American history and I was really angry.

The most common one I hear is, “Well people are hostile to me so I’ll be hostile right back. I stopped listening to White music, stopped watching White shows, and I was always talking about racism and injustice. self Confined and divided your ....from others And it is an undeniable fact that When there is division, there will be conflict And conflict starts wars There-fore every war has started over labels It's always us... We would be one; we would be together No longer living in the error Of calling human beings Black people or White people These labels that will forever blind us from seeing a person for who they are But instead seeing them through the judgmental, prejudicial, artificial filters of who we THINK they are And when you let an artificial label define yourself Then, my friend, you have chosen smallness over greatness and minimized your....A (1) : preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge. C : an irrational attitude of I think that some Black people can be very prejudiced.I thought that I would highlight the word hostility in that definition because I believe that this hostility is seriously harmful to Black people.The hostility I had did nothing but keep me in a negative mood, keep me from making friends and having fun, and keep me from making important career connections. For example, a post was done about lessons we can learn from Elin Nordegren (Tiger Wood’s ex).

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