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Done correctly, vendor consolidation provides specific and often immediate benefits to the organization.One reason companies choose to consolidate vendors is to control costs.He previously worked in information technology as a network engineer.

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If you find a supplier who consistently comes through for you, take full advantage of everything they have to offer.

When you give your suppliers more of your business because you trust them, it puts you in a great position with them.

They’ll offer you preferred pricing, more access to extended services, and priority service over less dedicated customers.

You can also expect better access to upper management and a greater willingness to provide customized or small shipments.

Improved Quality – once you have streamlined your supplier base and partnered with a single supplier, they will likely improve quality to minimise the risk of losing your business.

Reduced Procurement and Supplier Management Costs – While reduced product or service price’s represents the largest source of hard cost savings from supplier consolidation, reduced process cost (i.e., increased efficiency) may be the largest opportunity.When you consolidate suppliers, you’re ordering more items – and ordering them more often – from those suppliers.This makes ordering and shipping more streamlined, and cost effectiveness is greatly improved.By consolidating vendors, companies identify qualified vendors before an emergency occurs.When a business need arises, the company goes immediately to the vendor or vendor pool that can directly meet that business need.Over the long haul, this saves the organization both time and money by limiting its expenditures on vendor location activities. Companies need to be able to respond quickly to business needs.

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