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However, that is neither here nor there because I still just love the idea of it all.

As far as music goes, if this isn’t the first time we’ve had the pleasure to meet, you know by now that I pretty much figure life out one lyrical lesson at a time.

He’s struck by the part where Petty describes the arrival of MTV and the music-video boom.

“He says ‘I woke up one day and suddenly the biggest radio station was the TV,’” Radin recalls.

“We put the record out on i Tunes three weeks before it was in the stores.

We didn’t do any press, Rolling Stone didn’t even have time to review the record. Obviously press is powerful, but it’s a lot more powerful to have your song on Grey’s Anatomy.” The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

“But today it’s even more so, because it’s not just one cable channel showing videos.

Now it’s ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, the biggest networks in America.

Von Foerster is particularly proud to have given tunesmiths Ingrid Michaelson and William Fitzsimmons a TV-assisted boost.

Not that being a music supervisor is the glamour-job many TV wannabes imagine.

According to Andrea von Foerster, who acts as music coordinator for Grey’s Anatomy and other TV shows and movies, Radin’s music is perfect because, “It feels familiar, like hearing a memory or seeing an old photograph.

It enhances the picture without overtaking it.” But she isn’t solely driven by aesthetic appreciation of fragile, little-known musicians.

Joshua Radin’s experience is hardly typical – he didn’t write his first song (Winter) until he was 30, and he had the freakish good fortune to have it passed along to the producers of TV hit Scrubs by the show’s star and his old college buddy Zach Braff – but he was quick to grasp how TV exposure backed up by internet access can short-circuit old-fashioned record company promotion.

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