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The statistics place him as selling 21 million albums in the US.

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More hits followed as he teamed up with Fergie, T-Pain and Akon and Ciara, as well as reuniting with Destiny's Child vocalist Kelly.

According to the RIAA rankings, Nelly is the fourth-best selling rap artist in American history.

His accuser claimed she met Nelly in a Washington club and got "tipsy" drinking at his table, before travelling to his tour bus for an after-party, TMZ reports.

The Seattle resident alleges that the hip-hop star tried to have sex with her when they were in his room.

The biological father of two and adopted father of two says that creating his new reality show would demonstrate fathers in a positive light.

“I thought that this show could be different in the sense of showing that a single father and being a black man; [although] I’m not married, I’m always there for my children as much as possible,” the rapper said.

“As a woman, when a man is out doing [his] thing, a woman is not taking everything so serious, even though the guy might be like, ‘I’m serious,’ ” Ashanti said.

star Nelly is opening up about his new show set to premiere on BET November 25.

American rapper and hip hop star Nelly was born in Texas, America, in 1974.

The 42-year-old's real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.

The ex-Murder Inc singer defends being loyal to former label head Irv Gotti; the type of space she’s now in with on rumored ex Nelly (she hints that there may be more than friendship) and his ex-girlfriend, Tae Heckard and rumors that she dated NFL’er De Sean Jackson.

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