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But this time, my keyowner/friend insisted on a HT (my old steel device has seen better days and is kind of scratched up so not wearable anymore).I REALLY have to give this device a fantastic review.It doesn't shift around in my jock strap, pinch or bind. I'm about 3/4 of an inch from the tip of the tube while fully flaccid (which is normal size now). Which, I will discuss with Sir, and if need be, make the change in the next month or two, as I can order the tube only thanks to Holy Trainer's excellent marketing platform.

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I must say that I've tried several chastity devices but the Holy Trainer by far is the best.

I received my Holy Trainer on a Friday and it is now Sunday and I don't even feel like I m wearing it.

I'm not sure I should excited about being able to wear it long term but if I'm going to be locked up, this is the most comfortable and secure device to use. Guys and gals: if you are looking for a comfortable and descrete long-term male chastity device, stop looking.

I've already done the research for you and none of the others are practical for long-term wear. (I'm at week 3 and learning to do lots of things for my wonderful wife).

By the morning, the raw spots were gone, and my skin was fresh and new and soft, so I had to relock.

He took the keys then (previously had stayed with me in my combo key lock box), and declared that there was no reason to be let out at all, as we now know that applying lotion/crème inside the cage with a q-tip every other day or so, and use the antibacterial soap/q-tip cleaning method, rinsing with a strong jet of water, and using the hair dryer to get good and dry (also a q-tip to wick away excess moisture trapped) is all that is needed to keep my skin in good order. It was actually kind of a problem, as I had to wear my vibrating prostate massager while I was out for errands that evening, then come home and finish the milking. While at Wal Mart, in the beauty section picking up some antibacterial soap, I started to feel the milking come on.

Selbst die letzten Nachte habe ich den KG anbehalten und den Schlssel zur Sicherheit neben dem Bett positioniert.

Aber ich habe es durchgehalten und den neunen V3 nur kurz zur Reinigung unter der Dusche abgelegt.

It is comfortable but secure and my Wife/Keyholder/Mistress loves knowing I am locked up and cannot pleasure myself unless she allows it.

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