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Sadly, though, it usually does look more like a debate and less like a conversation. Today in America, we need more conversation and less debate.

It is also easier to blow yourself up in your garage bomb lab than it is to shoot yourself. The answer is not to dismiss those with differing viewpoints out of hand as racists, idiots, low information voters, gun nuts, hippies, race-baiters, or liberal hippies, although those labels might fit certain people.

The interactive map below and our downloadable database have been expanded with 35 additional cases from 2013-2018.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in eleven adolescents is a victim of physical dating violence.

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created the first open-source database documenting mass shootings in the United States.

Our research has focused on indiscriminate rampages in public places resulting in four or more victims killed by the attacker.

We adopted that baseline when we gathered data in 2012 on three decades worth of cases.

(It is important to note that there have been many similar indiscriminate gun rampages—resulting in fewer fatalities—that would otherwise be included in our dataset.) In January 2013, a mandate for federal investigation of mass shootings authorized by President Barack Obama lowered that baseline to three or more victims killed.

I don’t want to ban guns or repeal the 2 Amendment. Before than Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice held the two highest political positions ever held by black people in America. The answer is not to ignore studies, evidence, or information that does not support your point of view.

I just want to acknowledge that the gun is a lethal weapon and part of the problem with mass murders in America. Black and Hispanic people have made incredible strides forward in America. Nor is the answer to cherry pick information that supports your point of view to the exclusion of all others.

Gun rights advocates, Constitutional scholars, mental health professionals, civil rights leaders, and law enforcement leaders, just to name a few. Don’t just quietly wait until you have a chance to talk.

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It’s a pretty big problem with criminal violence, suicide, and domestic violence also. I don’t have a degree in psychology or psychiatry, but I’m comfortable making this statement: Normally functioning, well-adjusted individuals do not kill multiple people for their own entertainment or political benefit. That doesn’t mean life is all flowers and happiness for minorities. Wouldn’t it be better to look at the information presented to you and find the flaws while acknowledging the truths?

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