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[The following charters suggests that Nuo, and later his brothers, lived at the court of Navarre in the late 1020s until [1030], and again in 1037.

"Sancio rex...sennor Nunnu Alvarez..." subscribed the charter dated to [] under which "comite Fredelando Pelaioz..coniuge mea Gelvira et mater mea donna Gutina cum consensu neptus mei Fernando Fredinandiz" confirmed the donation of the monastery of San Emeterio and San Celedonio de Taranco to San Milln de la Cogolla.

Maybe the relationship was through the mother of the following five supposed brothers, although such a proposal is not consistent with their father being lvaro Muoz considering his relative obscurity compared with the influence exerted by the Salvadrez family. The name of her supposed fourth son Fortn is typically Navarrese and suggests a connection with the Navarrese nobility.

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The present document shows the other noble families which established themselves in the county of Castile in the 10th and early 11th centuries.

Sancho III King of Navarre, who had succeeded in 999 and already controlled the county of Aragon as well as Navarre itself, married the eldest daughter of Sancho Garca Count of Castile in 1010.

Nuno Albariz, Gundissalbo Albariz, Fortuni Albariz, Didaco Albariz subscribed the charter dated under which "Didaco Munnioz..uxor mea Taresa" donated the monastery of San Miguel in villa... subscribed the charter dated under which King Fernando I donated curte..Uilla Iriezo qui fuit de illo mannero Citi Ouecoz to San Pedro de Cardea.

Spinosa in alfoze de Sancta Cruce de Scuarros to San Pedro de Cardea"Roderico Galindizcum coniuge mea domna Sancia" donated property to the monastery of San Milln de la Cogolla by charter dated 1037, confirmed by "sennor Furtun Sanchiz, sennor Azenari Sanchiz, sennor Nunnu Alvarez".] ... "Cometissa domna Onneca, Gomiz Fredenandiz prolis" donated property in territorio Borueva in villa Ecclesiasindenia to the monastery of San Milln de la Cogolla by charter dated , confirmed by sennor Nunno Alvarez, sennor Roderico Bermudez, sennor Sarracino Hanniz, sennor Didaco Alvarez, sennor Hanni Hanniz, sennor Ordoni Ordoniz, sennor Fredinando Rodriz, sennor Alvaro Rodriz, sennor Eximino Lopiz, sennor Salvator Gondissalviz, sennor Galindo Belasquiz.

The name of (maybe the eldest) son Munio also suggests that this is possible.

The main difficulty with this possibility is the virtual absence from the record of lvaro Muoz, which appears to reflect his relative obscurity and lack of influence in noble circles, compared with the evident amount of influence achieved by at least four of the five [possible] brothers who are shown below.The reference by Nuos daughter Urraca to her maternal uncle Munio lvarez, as well as to her mother, in the [1088] charter shown below, suggests that the husband of Mara Gutirrez was Nuo lvarez who is shown below.This assumes that the (oldest) brother Munio was named after their supposed father (identified in line with the suggestion made above).By the succession of his grandson Sancho Garca in 995, the county included territory from the Cantabrian coast in the north to Seplveda in the south.It also disputed jurisdiction with the kings of Len over the areas around Saldaa, Palencia and Simancas to the west and with the kings of Navarre over Njera and lava to the east.The citations marked Regestalia in the end-notes are taken from extracts of cartularies between 7, translated into Spanish, which appeared on the website Proyecto Regestalia which was presented by the Universidad de Alcal Two possible brothers, sons of Munio.

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